Development and analysis of value-added domestic and national original alternative exhaust treatment systems for diesel engine vehicles

ProjectsCompletedTUBITAK 1001-The Scientific and Technological Research Project
İbrahim YILDIZ (Scholarship PhD student)
Publication year: 2021

TÜBİTAK 1001-Scientific and Technological Research Project, Research Group: MAG, Project No: 221M599, 01.08.2022-08.06.2023.
İbrahim YILDIZ (Scholarship PhD student)

Total amount of scholarship received from the project: 0 TRY

Analyses and Assessment of Energetic and Exergetic Prices and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Energy Sources Used in Residential and Industrial Sectors of Turkey

ProjectsCompletedUSAK UNIVERSITYScientific Research Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
Usak University Scientific Research Project (Project Number: 2017/HD-MF002). 27.02.2017-26.08.2017.
Publication year: 2017